We Believe

Moving Beyond Words believes in supporting others to find a voice through the creative arts, facilitating emotional, physical, social, mental and spiritual growth. We believe in the  principle that movement reflects a person’s pattern of thinking and feeling and  provide a  space where each person can find and express their voice through creative exploration, reconnecting with the wisdom of their bodies, discovering and releasing their life, light and colour.

We Value

Our aim is to provide a non-judgmental environment where each individual is encouraged to explore a creative journey through a themed process using the arts. To evoke thoughts, awaken the imagination and enliven our responses through self-expression, reconnecting body, soul and spirit to release and empower individuals to experience growth and personal understanding.

Tina Johnson

Tina Johnson


Tina Johnson has a vision to gather a team of professionals in the creative arts to support people in the journey of transformation. Her passion has always been to see individuals discover and know their true identity; fearless, unafraid and empowered to step out into their destiny. In association with other like-minded practitioners and artists she believes that collaboratively the skills and different experiences shared will enhance, shape and give depth to the process. We all journey in ways that are unique to us and Moving Beyond Words creates a non-judgmental, releasing environment where people can find and express themselves through creative arts.

The Journey…


From a young age dance has been a passion for Tina, she quickly discovered its therapeutic, spiritual and story telling value.

This led Tina to explore her faith through dance and movement, leading her on a journey of self-discovery and ministry. Tina Johnson has ministered at Spring Harvest as a principal dancer, Calling All Nations Berlin, Global Day of Prayer, Passion, Caritas, Premiere Radio and many more.

She had the privilege to be mentored by Larna Martin – Praise Dance Today and Andy Au – Movement in Worship. Tina has trained and equipped dance teams, choreographed and performed for conferences and events in the UK, with invites to minister to India, Australia and Europe.

Tina has been ordained as a pastor and combined her passion for people and the arts within her ministry. As a result, Tina became aware of the power of faith and dance and sought further development to satisfy the desire to help others through this modality.

Tina’s love and curiosity for healing and wholeness in the body using dance and movement, directed her to train as a Dance Movement Psychotherapist gaining a Masters Degree in June 2016. Tina is a registered member of the ADMP,  the UK association for Dance Movement Psychotherapists.