We Believe

Moving Beyond Words believes in supporting others to find a voice through the creative arts, facilitating emotional, physical, social, mental and spiritual growth. We believe in the  principle that movement reflects a person’s pattern of thinking and feeling and  provide a  space where each person can find and express their voice through creative exploration, reconnecting with the wisdom of their bodies, discovering and releasing their life, light and colour.

We Value

Our aim is to provide a non-judgmental environment where each individual is encouraged to explore a creative journey through a themed process using the arts. To evoke thoughts, awaken the imagination and enliven our responses through self-expression, reconnecting body, soul and spirit to release and empower individuals to experience growth and personal understanding.

Tina Johnson

Tina Johnson


Tina Johnson has a vision to gather a team of professionals in the creative arts to support people in the journey of transformation. Her passion has always been to see individuals discover and know their true identity; fearless, unafraid and empowered to step out into their destiny. In association with other like-minded practitioners and artists she believes that collaboratively the skills and different experiences shared will enhance, shape and give depth to the process. We all journey in ways that are unique to us and Moving Beyond Words creates a non-judgmental, releasing environment where people can find and express themselves through creative arts.

The Journey…

Tina has been a dancer for over 25 years, teaching and dancing in many countries and different settings, supporting mental health, abuse and addiction recovery. She was the project manager for a women’s centre locally and went onto manage the centre which supported women in mental health. As a result Tina combined her two passions of dance and working in mental health, and went on to train as a Dance Movement Psychotherapist, gaining her Masters degree in 2016. Tina works from a person-centered approach supporting clients to find a voice of expression through a creative process. Since 2016 Tina has developed her expertise in supporting those who have experienced baby loss through miscarriage, still birth, termination or those in the process of IVF. Tina also works with those who have experienced trauma in childhood, depression, Fibromyalgia, grief and loss. She provides a safe and confidential space to both individuals and couples.