Dance Movement Psychotherapy

Dance Movement Psychotherapy (DMP) is the use of creative movement by a Dance Movement Psychotherapist trained to the level of Masters Degree and it is accredited by the Association for Dance Movement Psychotherapy (ADMP UK).

Dance Movement Psychotherapy (DMP) recognises body movement as an implicit and expressive instrument of communication and expression. DMP is a relational process in which client/s and therapist engage creatively using body movement and dance to assist integration of emotional, cognitive, physical, social and spiritual aspects of self. The philosophical orientation of DMP is based on the intrinsic belief in the inter-relationship between psyche, soma and spirit as evidenced in the potential held in creative processes. (Definition given by ADMP UK)

It is one of five creative arts psychotherapies offered, along with: Art Psychotherapy, Dramatherapy, Play Therapy and Music Therapy.

You do not have to be a dancer or be experienced in any form of movement or art, to benefit from Dance Movement Psychotherapy (DMP). For those who find it difficult to talk this can be a useful non-verbal process in discovering other ways of expression. DMP is accessible to all including those with mobility needs.

It can be a safe place for people working through Bereavement, Eating Disorders, P.T.S.D, Dementia, Depression and Anxiety.

A DMP session can be for a group or individual and may involve gentle movement, tailored to your physical abilities, and is a fun and dynamic way to explore your feelings and life experiences without the need for many words. It is appropriate for all ages and enables personal, emotional, cognitive, spiritual, physical and social integration and development.

A DMP therapist will create a safe environment in which your feelings can be contained, acknowledged and communicated. Personal conflicts, emotions and experiences can be drawn out through movement and you will be encouraged and guided to develop new movement patterns and emotional experiences that will help to overcome and cope with trauma whilst developing self-esteem, physical mobility, social integration and self-confidence.

Every process is different for each group or individual which can include other forms of expression such as  art, writing, music and using props.

Group & Individual Psychotherapy

Tina Johnson founder of Moving Beyond Words is able to offer Dance Movement psychotherapy for either one to one or group sessions within your community projects, healthcare organisations, charities or psychotherapy practice.

Individuals wishing to undertake DMP should in the first instance contact their healthcare provider or social worker who can make a referral through a sponsoring agency.

For organisations who wish to provide a DMP therapist, services available include:

  • One-to-one DMP
  • Small groups
  • Movement for Well Being

Please contact Tina to discuss your organisations requirement by going to get in touch.